Patient Resources

Pre-Procedure Information

Please refer to your physician’s pre-procedure instructions.

*If you are having a colonoscopy and have not received prep instructions; please call the office of the physician performing the procedure for their instructions.

If you have had any recent cold or flu-like symptoms, fever, or infections, have had any disease, such as MRSA, VRE, C-Diff, or TB, or have traveled out of the country within the last 30 days, please call 763.581.8950.

If you need to cancel or re-schedule your appointment, call your physician’s office.

Interpreters are available and will be scheduled.

We present a Patient’s Bill of Rights and Responsibilities with the expectation that observance of these rights will contribute to more effective patient care and greater satisfaction for the patient, their physician, and the Minnetonka Ambulatory Surgery Center.

If you have an Advance Health Care Directive, please bring a copy with you at the time of your procedure.

Before Your Procedure

You must arrange for someone to drive you home. You will need to have someone with you to receive your discharge instructions.

  • You must arrange to have a responsible adult stay with you for 12 hours for endoscopy procedures. 24 hours for surgical procedures.
  • Arrange childcare for the day of your procedure. If not possible, all children must be supervised at all times by an adult.

Please call us between 9:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. at 763.581.8950 if you have any questions.

Day of Procedure

Bring your ID and insurance information.

  • Leave jewelry and valuables at home, including all body piercings.
  • Wear a loose fitting, button up or zip up shirt.
  • Do NOT wear make-up or mascara if you are having surgery on your face or eyes.
  • Check in at Suite 200 front desk on the second floor.
  • As a service to you, you will receive an identification bracelet. It is important that all patients wear an ID bracelet while at the center.
  • Please ask questions or communicate any concerns regarding your procedure.
  • We request your caregiver remain at the center during your procedure.
  • Discharge instructions will be given to you prior to your discharge. You will need to have a responsible adult available to hear your instructions.

If you have any needs or concerns following your procedure call your physician’s office directly.

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